Love people, love sports

Sports Sensitization and Advocacy

Client Eau de Coco Réseau
Year 2014
Project Integral Communication Strategy. Design and Implementation. Monitoring and Evaluation

The campaign was launched in Andorra, Cambodia, France, Madagascar, Switzerland, and Spain between March and May 2014. The goal was to sensitize about the importance of sports as an integral tool of development for people and communities.

Several sport events were conducted (Judo exhibitions, paddle tournaments, half-marathon races) for sensitization and fundraising purposes.



A group of international elite sport professionals, well known by their stories of improvement, capacity and strength, lent their image and voices to support the campaign.

Continuous diffusion was planned in social media, publishing news about campaign’s goals, recipients, events and sensitization posts about the benefits of sport on a daily basis. Traditional media also covered these subjects during 3 months.



To support the campaign, ‘the boly’, a traditional Malagasy soccer ball made of waste plastic bags was commercialized. These balls were manufactured by fair enterprises in Madagascar. Benefits from the selling were reverted into these family businesses.
This product was the main thread that ran the entire sensitization campaign, using it as an educational element in different sport activities.