Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary

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  • Distancia10.87 km
  • Desnivel+ 375 m
  • Altura máxima400 m
  • Altura mínima10/02/2018
  • Fácil
  • Desnivel- 375 m
  • Altura mínima142 m
  • CircularSi


Salimos desde Ban Kham Pia.

Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary covers 186 sq km in the northernmost part of North-east Thailand, near the border with Laos.

The sanctuary was created in 1975 and ever since then, has protected the forests, rocks and animals of one of the most beautiful areas of Thailand. There are many rare and interesting animals that live the Sanctuary., such as a herd of about 28 wild elephants, and four other species also protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The Phu Wua Lizard exists only inside the sanctuary. ( Please note that animals are very hard to spot in the park, excursions to see the elephants are not possible as they are wild and dangerous).

Phu Wua is an ideal destination for one and two days trekking trips into the wilderness ( guide, camping equipment and food can be provided).


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