Communication for Development


You talkin’ to me? Developing Internal Communications for the social sector

Commonly, when planning communication for development strategies, public information campaigns and outreach and mobilization plans, tend to monopolize all communication efforts. Internal communications are mostly forgotten. The excuses for this are usually the same: budget constraints, lack of planning, no coordination with human resources department, or, to summarize all of these, not having any interest […]

50 tips to communicate with low-literacy audiences

43% of adults in the United States of America can’t identify a specific location on a map nor calculate the total cost of ordering items from a catalog. According to the US Department of Education, this group has a low literacy level, or in other words, these audiences have problems filling out a questionnaire, interpreting […]

Communicating with illiterate audiences through graphics

Today, nearly 17% of the world’s adult population is still not literate. 1 out of 7 USA citizens can’t access to vital information for health, community participation, and employment because they are not able to read it. When text-based communication is useless, what is the best way to deliver messages? Are photographs better than abstract […]