Phu Tok

Por senderos de vértigo

  • Distancia2.88 km
  • Desnivel+ 251 m
  • Altura máxima370 m
  • Altura mínima11/02/2018
  • Fácil
  • Desnivel- 251 m
  • Altura mínima152 m
  • CircularSi


Phu Tok
The temple is located on a sandstone mountain accessed by a series of winding staircases with beautiful views across the surrounding countryside along the way. On the way to the top you will see meditation huts scattered on cliffs and in caves and views across to Laos. There are seven levels of steps representing the seven steps to Buddhist enlightenment.

The air becomes cooler as you approach the top and it is usually quite and peaceful here. The place has a truly mesmerizing atmosphere so be prepared for a strenuous but unique experience. You need not walk all the way to the top to have a wonderful time.

Full day visit, transportation and guide can be arranged.



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